America’s Not Dead – It’s Exploited.

After Thatcher and then Reagan walzed into office during a super-inflationary period under Carter, some bright young individuals picked up on strong signals from the punch-drunk Left to produce: Truly influential people and mass media rapists know that only constant crisis can bring them ultimate power. Once achieved, the actual realisation of this power releases […]

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The Sober Methodology of Nationalisation

Yesterday, the National Credit Union Authority announced that it had taken control of two wholesale credit institutions: U.S. Central Federal Credit Union (Lenexa, Kansas – $34 billion in assets) and Western Corporate Federal Credit Union (WesCorp, San Dimas, California – $23 billion in assets). NCUA says that, after having completed a ‘stress test’ for each […]

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RapeTheMasses endeavours to call out one great injustice per day. No particular focus, no particular angle… and while having no impact on the world, there is still one noble goal of this venture: to reduce the amount of time per day talking to myself, and then wishing I had written some of the good stuff down.

-somewhere close, March, 2009.